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Temp Staffing

In the beginning, CALL10 specialized in Permanent Placement, as the workforce changed, we discovered there were other manpower needs to be met and temporary office support placement division was formed. Now we help organizations to fill their short and long-term temporary and contract positions pan India. We place temporary employees with premier companies. We provide qualified temporary staffing when and where you need it.

Interim executives or temps are also known as fixed-term-contract-employees. They are employed by our clients in much the same way as permanent staff but for a fixed period only. We provide an integrated and high-quality Temp staffing service and deliver consistent results both locally and internationally. With our proven Executive Search process we help our clients attract top quality managers and leaders.

Recruiting Study Shows Job Board Posting Sites Provide No Value or Attractive Candidates, hence we target candidates through head-hunting and references, and sell the opportunity of our client in the most effective way.