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HRM Consulting

Consulting: At CALL10, we offer customized services catering to both the strategic business needs of the organization and HRM needs.

HRM Consulting:

Keeping the organisation together as a happy bunch of people is a challenging task. It asks for incessant coordination, feedback management, performance analysis and planning. It’s in the 'norming' stages of a start-up that we usually come in to offer the setting up of processes and implementing the best practices of HRM. The other, more matured organizations reach a threshold where they need specialists to come in and re-evaluate their processes and systems to help them rethink their approach to enable attraction and retention of the best talent.

At CALL10, we offer customized services catering to the HRM needs of an organisation at every level. Drawing from the experience of having worked with some of the biggest names in the corporate circuit, our team of professionals delivers reliable and effective solutions focusing on:

  • HR (Human Resource) Strategies Formulation.
  • Recruitment and Retention Strategies.
  • Performance Enhancement & Management.
  • Career Mapping.